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Welcome to ReqFile Check

ReqFile Check allows you to check if you python requirements.txt file has the most up to date packages specified, and alerts you when a newer version becomes available.

Login and then you can upload or paste your requirements file. We will email you on the address you used to login when there is an update to one of your packages.


This site previously used Persona as a way of logging. If you previously logged in using Persona, please use the "Forgot password" page with the email address you used with Persona.

Example alert

Below is a copy of a sample alert you would receive from ReqFile Check.

From: reqfilecheck@beggdigital.com


Here is the recent updates to the packages in your requirements.txt files
you have loaded onto ReqFile Check.

MoonBiz Game
  Out of spec upgrades:

BD Deployment
  In spec upgrades:

You can update or hide your requirement files on the ReqFile Check website
to change what is in these emails. To prevent receiving these emails, set 
all requirement files to hidden.

ReqFile Check team

In this case, two different requirements.txt files have updates. There is a newer version of South, which is in the MoonBiz Game requirements file, but is not allowed by the specifications. The line might be South==0.8.1, for example. the BD Deployment requirements file has two newer versions of Fabric and either of them would satisfy the requirement.